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Why You Should Buy Web Hosting From a Reseller 

by Loan Web Advice
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For some reason, many people put their guards up when it comes to using a reseller of products. The main reason for this is that many find it difficult to differentiate between an official reseller and someone who is literally flipping products. One reseller option we will talk about today is web hosting and how purchasing hosting in this way could be a great idea. If you plan to launch a blog or a website, you will need a host, and here is why reseller hosting plans could be the right option for you. 

Lower Cost 

There is a very actual possibility that you will be able to count on a lower cost when you buy your web hosting through a reseller. The web hosting company doesn’t mind how much the product is being sold for because they are already making their money from what the reseller is paying them. The resellers may then coordinate their own pricing structure which suits them and their clients. Not only this, but they will have the chance to negotiate with you, which can drive costs down further, especially if you are looking to host multiple sites. 

Same Quality of Service

Many fail to understand that while it is the reseller you will be doing business with, you are still going to be relying on the same quality product that the web hosting company offers. They will still be hosting your website and offering you the highest quality of security and support. Any issues will go through them and not the reseller. This means that you can still count on brilliant web hosting for your sites, no matter how you purchased your plan. 


Resellers will offer you a good level of aftercare, and this means that you have the flexibility to move and change your plan to suit your needs. With web hosting packages, you will often sign up for 12 months, keeping you locked into a certain plan. With a reseller, however, they have much more flexibility, and they can help you to scale up or down as and when your business needs to. 

Personal Touch 

Ultimately there is something better about doing business with a single person rather than with a company website. This is another reason why working with a reseller is the best option. There is a level of customer care that a website cannot deliver, and you will have direct access to them should anything go wrong with the website. This personal touch is something that many people like, and it is exactly what you will get if you work with a reseller. 

While it should go without saying, we should mention the need to make sure that anyone who is reselling a product is working officially on behalf of the company. Always be sure to check this before you invest. 

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